New York circa 1903. “East River and Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan.”
Нью Йорк, Бруклинский мост, 1903

New York circa 1900. Brooklyn Bridge, East River
Нью Йорк, 1900

New York and the East River circa 1910
Нью Йорк, Ист-Ривер, 1910

Aerial view of the Deception and Canoe Pass bridges by WSDOT on Flickr.

öresund bridge by alexander reneby on Flickr.
Мост-тоннель между Копенгагеном (Дания) и Мальме (Швеция).

The Immortal Bridge by skimvision on Flickr.
Мост бессмертных на горе Тайшань в Китае.

В Китае открыт самый длинный мост через водное пространство - Циндаосский мост. Общая длина моста - 41,5 км.


Morning Fog, Canada
Photograph by Travis Nykamp
This Lethbridge Viaduct is the largest railway structure in Canada, standing almost 100 meters high and over 1,600 meters long.  This morning it appeared to be skirted in a morning fog.

Wind-and-rain bridge by Sparky the Neon Cat on Flickr.

Langkawi Sky Bridge by cchankenny on Flickr.

VIADUC DE MILLAU   FRANCE by jpazam on Flickr.

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